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What voltages are used in different parts of the world?

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In the UK the voltage between phases is 415 Vrms and the frequency is 50 Hz whereas North American systems operate at 60 Hz with a wide variation in voltages even within one utilities service area.  The new USA standard for commercial and light industrial use is 208V phase-to-phase, 120V phase-to-neutral, i.e. single phase.

Continental Europe formerly operated at 380V phase to phase, 220 V phase to neutral but all of Europe including the UK is now harmonising around a common voltage specification of 400 V phase to phase, 230 V phase to neutral. This has been done by changing the tolerances in the generating and transmission systems, so there is now more latitude for the UK voltage to drop and the continental voltage to rise.  Fortunately we were already all on the same 50 Hz frequency.

The subject of voltage harmonisation is considerably more complicated than this brief mention, and has aroused some controversy over various technical details, but rest assured that it is being done with the best of intentions. It is because of this harmonisation that much machinery is dual labelled as either 220/240V or 380/415V and in practice even machinery that is not labelled in this manner is extremely unlikely to be adversely affected by the change.