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About Us

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Boost is a small British business that has been manufacturing phase converters since before 1957. It has always been owner-managed and prides itself on delivering a reliable product at an affordable price combined with high quality service. For many years the firm traded as Boost Electrical Engineering until late 2003 when it incorporated as Boost Energy Systems Ltd. It has always been run by professional chartered engineers. The name 'Boost' comes from the founder's use of a boost relay in the initial phase converter design.

The standard phase converter sold worldwide by Boost variously went under the brand of Hi-TecTM or BoosterTM but in late 2003 we rebranded this as the ClassicTM range of phase converters. In mid 2004 we reintroduced the BoosterTM brand for our more advanced models which are unmatched by any other UK manufacturer and in late 2004 we moved two miles from Felix Farm, Binfield to larger premises at Park Farm, Warfield in order to keep up with demand.

In late 2005 Boost acquired Ampair the world renowned, wind, water and solar energy specialists who are the UK's oldest wind turbine manufacturer. This move was part of a growth plan to create a business servicing all sectors of the worldwide small scale renewable energy market. This was a friendly acquisition and we were able to relocate most of the staff to the main manufacturing premises in Berkshire, or make arrangements for them to continue on an outsourced basis. AmpairTM  and AquairTM are brand names that we have taken over with Ampair. In 2010 this situation reversed and the Ampair side of the business became dominant, taking over the business assets under the name Ampair Energy Ltd. In early 2014 Ampair expanded again by acquiring the Westwind turbine business which was based in a modern factory in Antrim and relocated all production to there later in the year.

We are a professional manufacturer. This means we operate from commercial premises, build to our own designs, have our own test equipment, have product liability insurance, offer a 24-hour help line (as far as possible), train and develop our staff, pay the right taxes, and in general do all the things that are skimped on.

We believe that sustainable societies can only be built with integrated mixed economies based upon a variety of energy sources with a long term future. For this reason we continue to invest in our UK manufacturing operations and are actively seeking to develop our renewable and distributed energy business.

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