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Payment & delivery

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  • Delivery Times
    Delivery times are given by way of estimate only. J.K. 3 Phase Boosters Ltd shall make every reasonable effort to supply the goods or services by the date indicated (if any). No rights can be derived from the estimated delivery date, and neither can J.K. 3 Phase Boosters Ltd be held liable for any delays in delivery caused by whatever reason. 
  • Order Cancellation
    Orders of standard stock items which are being shipped from stock may be cancelled up to the time of dispatch upon payment of a £100 fee. In addition to the cancellation fee, if we have to make an international wire transfer to refund you any pre-payments for your cancelled order this will be on the basis “all charges for recipient”. Unless we have agreed otherwise with you, orders of non-standard or non-stock items will incur a penalty of 35% of the price if cancelled up to a week before shipment, or 50% of the price if cancelled less than a week before shipment. Orders may not be cancelled after shipment. 
  • Export Restrictions
    J.K. 3 Phase Boosters Ltd's products are not subject to any known export restrictions; however we will comply with any export restrictions which do apply. We are not bound to contracts that are null or void because of export restrictions and cannot be held liable for the damages resulting from having entered into such a contract.
  • Export Shipments - Incoterms
    If the goods are to be shipped to a destination outside the European Union and we arrange the transport, we will ship under the condition “Delivery Duties Unpaid” (DDU). This means that you are responsible for the import formalities and payment of import duties and VAT or other indirect taxes due upon importation. If you or your carrier collects the goods at our premises we will always ship “Ex Works” and you assume risk from the moment of collection onwards. If the goods are to be shipped to a non-EU destination you will also be responsible for import formalities and the payment of import duties and VAT or other indirect taxes due upon importation. The above is only different if there is a specific written agreement, signed by ourselves, to this effect. However, J.K. 3 Phase Boosters Ltd will never agree to ship under the condition “Delivery Duties Paid” (DDP).
  • Damage During Transport
    This clause only applies when we arrange the transport for you as we can never be held responsible for any damages during transport where you collected the goods, or where you arranged for collection by your carrier. We will assume that the goods have been checked by you or your carrier before they left our works. Where possible we will offer you transport insurance at a modest charge. If insurance is not available or if it is available but you do not wish to take it out the goods will be shipped under the condition “Ex Works” and you cannot hold us liable for damage to or loss of  the goods during transport. It is your responsibility to identify any damage immediately upon arrival of the shipment and refuse the goods. If you accept the goods by signing for their receipt, you can no longer hold us or our carrier responsible for the damages. This applies even if you sign under the condition “unexamined” or similar, as carriers do not accept this as a valid condition. If possible immediately take some digital photographs clearly showing external damage to the package, or damage to the product if you have opened the packaging. If you refuse the shipment you must notify J.K. 3 Phase Boosters Ltd at once. This allows J.K. 3 Phase Boosters Ltd to file an insurance claim with our carrier and, provided the claim is successful pass on the benefit to you the customer in the form of repaired or replaced goods. You are obliged to provide information, digital images and any practical support in order to help J.K. 3 Phase Boosters Ltd support its claim. If you are unable to view the goods when taking receipt from the carrier then you must sign the carrier's receipt as '”unexamined”.