01 March 2007

Hugh Mereweather and early Kestrel / Harrier testing

Ampair was started by Hugh Mereweather back in 1973. He was a test pilot who enjoyed sailing and he designed the early Ampair 50 wind turbine that evolved into the Ampair 75 and then the Ampair 100. The Aquair was jointly his design and that of Don Street of IOLAIRE fame. Later the UW was co-designed with George Durrant who brought Ampair into some stability after the rather meagre early years. Anyway it is not often that one can find information about Hugh Mereweather's test pilot work and I have just seen some at the Harrier history website.

Hugh died last year and Ampair was represented at his funeral by George Durrant. I will post his obituary as written by Don Street another day.

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